Magic Slots

Watching a magic show is fun but being the magician is even cooler! Imagine standing behind the magicians table, showing off all those classy tricks that mesmerize the crowd and winning some awesome prizes for it! Who wouldn’t love such an experience? Magic Slots is set up all around a magician’s table and gives you the chance to pull up some abracadabra moments too! So it is not just gambling, it is the chance to do some magic to your bankroll!

Join us right now for a game of Magic Slots and experience the thrill for yourself.

How It Works

Magic Slots is a classic 3-reel, 1-payline Playtech video slot game. You have the option to wager anything from £/€/$ 0.5 to £/€/$ 15. However, in order to win the progressive jackpot, you will need to wager 3 coins.

The game offers some really classic graphics for you to enjoy. With the game themed around a magician’s table, the buttons look like upturned cups, the paytable resembles an unrolled scroll,l and items such as playing cards and posters are used to represent other important slot game information. Furthermore, each of the reel icons is also themed according to this table. So you will find stuff like wands, gloves, rings, dice and mixed dark green bar icons along with other magical items.

Game Features

Unlike most other classic three reel slots, Magic Slots offers you more than 1 special feature to enjoy. This is what really sets this slot game apart from all others and thus is a must-try for anyone interested in slots!

One of these features is the appearance of the red dice! This is the only icon which can award you a prize regardless of its position on the payline. So, for anyone interested in winning and bagging some real prize money, this is what you want to look out for.

Bonus Game

You will find a deck of cards placed on the right side of the reels. This is not just a prop, but also keeps track of magical wands that appear and trigger the bonus game. So if you are lucky and get three wands, this will take you the bonus game, which is where you will see some real magic! All you have to do is pick 1 of the 4 hats visible and you will win an instant award!

Progressive Jackpot

Keep an eye out for the hat and glove icons. If you are using less than 3 coins, landing 3 such icons will give you the jackpot payout! However, if you are playing with 3 coins, getting 3 of these icons will award you the progressive jackpot! Yes these are probably more magical than anything else on your table!

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