Dragon Kingdom Slots

Do you like all those dragon, magic, and Warcraft movies? Well, the entire theme has been packaged into a great slot game, by Playtech called Dragon Kingdom! You get to experience all these cool, fearsome and thrilling challenges in a riveting fictional environment! With all the reel icons and cool graphics crafted around this concept, this game is a must-play! So come join us for what is one of the best slots games online and you’ll not just have the chance to win awesome prizes, but also have some crazy fun, too!

How It Works

Dragon Kingdom is a 5-reel video slot themed around fearsome dragons and other crazy legends from the history books! The gameplay includes a split function, which makes it possible for you to enjoy and win money all the more quickly!

The reels are animated by the old era icons, as the game’s theme is “definitive fantasia risky venture”. You will deal with dragons, enchanted items, magical oracles, and huge amounts of gold and riches.


Dragon Kingdom’s exciting and amusing features which will compel you to play on and on!

The Wild and Scatter Symbols

The wild symbol is terribly dreadful, frightening, and horribly fearful dragon. This dragon can fly throughout the 5 reels to set other regular symbols on fire and substitute them. Only this dreadful dragon can combust more winning combos and in this way it can bring more and more coin rewards for you.When we take a look at the scatter symbol, there are plenty of potential combos and paylines, so you can move towards world of free spins and get a 666x multiplier.

Bonus Games

You have heard before about the impossible becoming possible? If not, then you’ll be amazed to experience it here in the world of dragons. If you succeed in activating the split feature, a number of additional payline combinations suddenly become available, giving you the opportunity to win even more money. Do your best to land winning combos and specifically have the dragon egg get situated on reel 5. Only then, a little but fire-breathing dragon will burst from the magic Dragon Egg and split the last symbol in the combo into two. Be careful not to burn yourself or your bankroll, but if you want to trigger 15 free spins, 3 dragons must land anywhere along the fantasy reels. These 15 free spins are full of power and surprises!

So are you really ready for this dragon-themed adventure? Dragon Kingdom is simply too exciting and entertaining. You’ve just got to experience it firsthand!

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