Online Craps

Hot hands are going to take you a long way in this classic casino game where the dice can cast or claim your fortune in an instant. Place your bets in dozens of configurations as you roll for the dough in this action-packed table game.

Online craps is a fun, exciting and rewarding game. Visit any casino and you’re guaranteed to see people having fun while playing craps. With some basic knowledge of online craps strategy and a bit of luck, you too could be winning big! Play Europaplay today and start your winning streak.


Craps is a highly recognizable game. However, people generally don’t know how to play it, other than it involves throwing dice. Craps is a very sociable game (more so than other casino games, like slots and video poker, or more ‘sophisticated’ games, such as roulette and blackjack) as it’s really fun to play. At Europaplay, we make online craps even more fun with our fantastic craps flash games.

As with any online casino game, it’s best to learn the rules before you play, and online craps strategy is no different. For some practice, why not try out Europaplay’s ‘fun money’ gameplay? You can get all the practice you need in for free, before staking and winning big.

Craps Terminology


The person throwing the dice.

Come-out roll:

The very first roll of the game.


Or, to put it fully, ‘rolling a natural’ – rolling the numbers seven or eleven. Roll either of these on your first go and you’ve won the game.

Rolling craps:

A similar idea to above – rolling either a two, three, or twelve. Roll any of these on your first go and you’ve lost.


If you don’t roll either a natural or craps, you’re left with rolling either a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. These numbers are now your point, and you need to roll again to pass (win).


Winning the game (after you’ve rolled a point).

Don’t pass:

This is when you lose, after the come-out roll, by rolling a seven. You read that correctly – if you were to land a seven on your first roll, you would have won. If you roll a seven any time after that, you’ve lost (it’s also important to note that eleven and craps are not in the game anymore by this point).


Just like ‘pass’, but this is only relevant after the come-out roll. The online craps strategy behind this is the same, just one step further in the same process as in the ‘come-out roll’.

Don’t come:

See above – ‘come’. These are exactly the same story as with ‘don’t pass’, but can only be placed after the ‘come-out roll’.

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