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Around The World
Take that trip around the world you've been dreaming of in this fantastic game that won't take you 80 days to see it all. You'll be itching to see what rewards wait around the next turn for you in this adventure around the globe.
A one-two combination is all it takes to win the title in this brawler of a slot machine. Make your wager and spin, that's all there is to it to see if you win. The more combos you land on the reels, the bigger your prizefight payout.
Don't worry about turning to stone in this game where rewards are rolling your way in a bolder fashion than any casual game out there. Keep the cash coming in with every turn as you stack wins like bricks to build your bankroll.
Mega Ball
Enjoy not one, but eight games in an exciting mix of lotto and keno. Choose the color of the balls to be called or wager on your number predictions. Make even more of this special feature with a progressive jackpot waiting to be won.
Penalty Shootout
There's nothing more tense than a penalty shootout when the game is on the line, but don't worry, you can strike it through to the back of the net in fine fashion with this casino game where a miss never means the good times are over.
Pop Bingo
Get your tickets ready for the big game! This is a 90-ball bingo style game and when you have your tickets in hand you stand to win more and more the fewer ""pops"" is takes for you to clear each of your bingo tickets.
Rock Paper Scissors
A classic game from the schoolyard, you can win with a correct prediction of rock, paper, or scissors. The more wins you string together the more you'll find yourself winning in this no nonsense casino game.
Rollercoaster Dice
A great variation of classic hi-lo, all you need to do to win in this game is predict whether the next roll of the dice will total higher or lower than the last. Make the correct prediction and you'll find yourself a little bit richer.
Rubik's Riches
A slot on par with the original Rubik's cube, you play this one in three dimensions! Match lines across the face of the cube when ""spun"" to win your prize. Bigger wagers mean bigger wins and there's a huge jackpot within arm's reach.
Keno Xperiment
Make your own predictions or take a risk and go with a random pick of numbers to be called out for each game. You can play up to 5 consecutively with the same numbers by pushing a single button. More right picks will stack up the wins.
Keno Fortune
Can you tell the fortune of this Keno game before it's called? Make the correct predictions and you could walk out of this reading with more than you bargained for. Play up to five games consecutively with just the push of a button.
A casino classic with laid back vibes all the way to the end. All you have to do is pick a field of numbers, wait for the game to be called and see how many you can match. The more of your predictions that are called, the more you win!
Bonus Bowling
Don't worry about stepping over the line as you for the perfect game on the lanes in Bonus Bowling. The more you can string together strikes, the higher the payout. Work on your form from start and build up some massive rewards.
Darts is a game known all over the world. It may take skill in the real world, but in the world of virtual darts anyone can play like a pro for real money. Land a bull's-eye and take home bragging rights in addition to the top prize.
Derby Day
If you're craving a day at the races, but don't feel like leaving home this is the perfect casino game for you. Get the thrills and excitement of a trip to the track without the hassle of a journey. Put money down on your horse to win!
Dice Twister
Hot hands and hot dice are always an action packed combination and that's exactly what you get in Dice Twister. Shake 'em and see how your roll stacks up against the prize table. Now's your chance to make a killing on a casino classic.
Wheel of Light
An exciting casino arcade game, Wheel of light offers a refreshing way to play with predictions. Five different bets are yours to choose from and each gives substantial payouts for correct guesses on where the wheel of light will land.
Final Score
If you're a football fan you will love Final Score. If you're not, you might just turn into one after playing. The new season is starting now and it's time to jump into the game. Use the fixed odds to make your prediction and win.
Frankie's Fantastic 7
When the thrill of the races is what you are after, but don't feel like heading to the track, Frankie's Fantastic 7 is just what you're looking for. Get all the excitement with none of the hassle and a chance to win cash great prizes.
Genies Hi Lo
Take your chances on a casual casino game with the cartoon cutie, Genie. She'll show you one card from her hand and all you need to do is higher or lower to win a cash prize. Get as many guesses as you can in a row to win the jackpot!
Heads or Tails
All you need to know to win at this game is how to guess which side of the coin is facing up after the flip. Try for 1-3 flips and watch the rewards stack up. Make the correct prediction and you're in-the-money.
Pinball Roulette
A roulette game played on a strip, rather than the conventional wheel, you'll be able place your wager and make a prediction of where the ball will land to see if you're a winner. Odds for each bet are on the table for easy access.

When it comes to casino games, the old standards can overwhelm players looking for something more understated, or run their course in terms of variety for the hardcore players who want the most out of every casino visit. In either case, we’ve got a special selection of casino games that let you take it easy and recharge with worthwhile entertainment and surprisingly substantial rewards.

You can get just what you’re after in these games that take a casual approach to online casino entertainment. They require very little knowledge on how to play, and you can reap real benefits from every round.

Easy, Fast, and Fun

The best part about these games is that they don’t require much of a time commitment to be enjoyed by players. Their pace is also very quick. Meaning, if you only have a few minutes to spare and want a bit of fun packed into your limited free time, you’ll have a hard time finding a better example of quick games that offer quick rewards. Each title is uniquely crafted to deliver its own memorable experience and they’ve been emulated after all sorts of popular culture fixtures, including sports, mythology, lotteries and more.

Regular updates

The casual game variety at EuropaPlay Casino is one that is constantly changing for the benefit of players. We try to include new features whenever they are available and that means more options to enjoy for you on every visit. It won’t take long before you find a new favourite to try at the casino, so be sure to check our Casual Games section regularly to find the latest new addition. By the time you’ve exhausted yourself in one game, the next will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy..

Take the opportunity to become familiar with the selection of casual games at the EuropaPlay Casino and play one that catches your eye today.

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