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21 Duel Blackjack
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Blackjack Progressive
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Blackjack Progressive is played by the same rules as the traditional style of play. After all, Blackjack is Blackjack, no matter how you call it.

Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5
Earn 25x your wager in the case of being dealt a perfect blackjack in this multihand variation of the iconic casino game to 21. Up to five hands can be dealt at once and you can play just like a pro working the Vegas casino circuit.
Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender
Gather round the blackjack table like it were a real casino floor when you play with friends and strangers online in a game of Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender. Play it safe and keep half your stake if you think your hand is weak.
Live Mini Blackjack
When you want to play a quick game to 21 and get straight into the action, sit down to a private table with your own live croupier and play against the house. It's a great way to get the live casino experience in a no-frills layout.
Double Attack Blackjack
Get more than you bargained for in this Blackjack game with lots of twists and turns. You'll be happy to know an extra bet can be slipped in when the dealer's up card is dealt and that can really up the stakes on every hand dealt.
Blackjack Super 21
A spiced up version of the classic game to 21, this special version of the game raises the stakes. The more cards you have in your hand to get to 21, the better. Hold 5 or 6 cards to get the top-tier payouts in this Blackjack game.
Blackjack Scratch
Play Blackjack Scratch just like you would at the table. You'll be dealt a set of hands with one card up and one card down. Each hand will have a different prize value. Scratch to reveal your hand and if you beat the dealer you win!
Blackjack Pro
Contrary what the name of this blackjack game might have you think, there is no need to be a pro before you head to the table. Although, you may find that after a few hands you'll be playing like a pro thanks to how easy it is to win.
Blackjack Peek
Take it to the next level in Blackjack Peek, where you're against the dealer in a multi-hand variation of the classic game to 21. An intuitive interface and quick betting make this game an easy one to turn your hands into winners.
Blackjack Live
When a taste of Vegas is what you're really after, you can feel like you're right there on the casino floor with a personal table and live croupier waiting to deal you into the next hand of this iconic game where you play to 21.
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Blackjack is one of the world’s favorite casino card games and Europaplay is proud to offer you three different ways to play! Download Europaplay and play online blackjack along with a large variety of other casino games. Or, instantly play a Flash blackjack game in your web browser. You can play Europaplay blackjack directly on your mobile phone. No matter which device you prefer, the fun of playing blackjack online will be thoroughly enjoyed.
American Blackjack
An iconic game in a race against the dealer to 21, American Blackjack is a casino classic all over the world and this variation will have you feeling like you're sitting down to an American casino without ever having to leave home.
Unlimited Blackjack Live
While most Blackjack tables limit how many players can join, Live Unlimited Blackjack allows an unlimited number of participants to enjoy the game. A remarkable game, you'll enjoy the thrill of playing with a crowd every hand.
Online Blackjack Surrender
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Blackjack is one of the world’s favorite casino card games and Europaplay is proud to offer you three different ways to play! Download Europaplay and play online blackjack along with a large variety of other casino games. Or, instantly play a Flash blackjack game in your web browser. You can play Europaplay blackjack directly on your mobile phone. No matter which device you prefer, the fun of playing blackjack online will be thoroughly enjoyed.


The Definite Guide to Playing Blackjack

Learn Blackjack, Excel at Blackjack

The game of blackjack is easy to learn; you can start play as soon as the cards are dealt. Here at Europaplay we want to give you a head start at playing the game. We’ve created The Definitive Guide to Playing Blackjack, a blackjack guide which is your ultimate resource for information about blackjack, the terms and rules involved, the tips to come out a winner, and including information about the game’s history and culture. You will no doubt spend most of your time playing blackjack, but feel free to return regularly to this comprehensive guide which will provide you with valuable information and advice how to best play blackjack like a winner.

How To Play Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is an easily learned card game where you compete against the dealer trying to get a higher final count on your cards, as long as you don't exceed 21. Read out guide for basic information how to play the game.

Blackjack Dos and Dont's

Blackjack Dos and Dont's

If you want to get the most basic tips how to improve your blackjack, refer to our easy to understand list of things to do and things not to do when playing the game.

Blackjack Math

The Math of Winning at Blackjack

You can increase your chances of winning in blackjack if you employ these excellent blackjack strategies, which are based on mathematical and statistical knowledge. And you thought that blackjack was a game of luck!

Tips From The Master

Tips From The Master

John Grochowski is a gambling columnist and the best-selling author of half a dozen books on casino gambling. As Grochowski is considered a gambling guru on nearly every type of casino game imaginable, it is our pleasure to include a short interview with this master of the game in our Definitive Guide to Playing Blackjack.

Blackjack History

Blackjack History

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One, originated in France in the 17th century, and has since become one of the most widely-played games in casinos throughout the world.

Blackjack Books And Movies

Blackjack in Books And in Movies

Read these instructional books to improve your blackjack skills, or simply enjoy yourself by viewing these popular movies that focus on the exciting game of blackjack.

An Overview of the Game of Blackjack

Blackjack is a simple game which appeals to players who prefer strategy to luck. Unlike anticipating the spin of a roulette wheel or the turn of slot lines, players can make a calculated decision what to do with the cards that they are dealt.

Europaplay is pleased to present you with blackjack basics - important information that you should know before taking your seat at a blackjack table, and it doesn’t matter whether the table is in a live casino or is a virtual one visited online.

Read the information listed below and feel free to return regularly to The Definitive Guide to Playing Blackjack to get additional tips on becoming a blackjack winner.

Blackjack Strategy

The basic rules of the game of blackjack are easy to learn but to excel at the game you should employ the tips and strategies of the experts. That is why we have collected excellent information about the game of blackjack and included it here in The Definitive Guide to Playing Blackjack.

As a basic introduction to Blackjack Strategy we can tell you that approximately one third of all blackjack hands should be played “by the book”, with no consideration as to the dealer’s up card. Obviously that means that the other two-thirds of all blackjack hands should only be played based on what card the dealer has been dealt.

We hope you will make use of this guide and improve your blackjack game. Sit down at the blackjack table, whether that table is live or online, but first master the basics of Blackjack Strategy and you’ll emerge a winning player.

Different Varieties of Blackjack

There are almost a dozen different varieties of blackjack to play at Europaplay, and we think you should try them all. Start with the most familiar versions, like Classic Blackjack and Blackjack Pro, but then experiment by playing the newer versions, including Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Double Attack Blackjack, and Blackjack Surrender.

Although the basics of the game remain the same in all blackjack varieties, there are unique twists, features, and rules in the newer versions that will allow you to enjoy the game and employ the strategy and tips you’ve learned in entirely different ways.

To those interested in the huge jackpots offered by other casino games we suggest playing Blackjack Progressive, which gives you an opportunity to cash in with a huge jackpot win if you get dealt a certain lucky succession of the same exact cards.

The important thing is to have fun playing blackjack, so play which ever version gives you the most enjoyment. In addition to having fun, we’re sure you want to come away from the tables as a winner, so make it a point to utilize the tips and strategies we’ve provided you in this Definitive Guide to Playing Blackjack.

Basic Blackjack Terms and Jargon

Like almost any game around, the game of blackjack has a unique jargon with special terms and expressions to describe different parts of the game play. Before you sit down at the blackjack table it would be very worthwhile for you to familiarize yourself with the basic blackjack terms we’ve listed below. This will give you a head start at mastering the game of blackjack, so learn these terms and start playing:

Hit: Take another card from the dealer. Refer to our Blackjack Strategy charts to know when you should and shouldn’t take a hit.

Stand: Take no more cards from the dealer. Also known as “stick”, “stand put” and “stay”

Bust: When the value of your hand, or alternatively the dealer’s hand, goes over 21, it is considered a bust. When you bust, the dealer wins. When the dealer busts, you win, as long as you haven’t previously busted or surrendered your hand.

Double Down: You can increase your initial bet by up to 100% (doubling your bet) which gives a chance to double your potential winnings. Doubling down is only permissible after you’ve received your initial two cards, and is a bet most commonly made when you get a total of either 10 or 11, as there is no possible chance of you are busting out of the hand by drawing one additional card.

Split: If you are dealt two cards of equal value, for example two eights, you can choose to split them into two separate hands, and there will be a separate bet on each of these hands. The dealer will then deal additional cards, adding an extra one on each of those originally dealt to you. You proceed as if you are playing the blackjack game with two separate hands.

Natural: A hand in which you are initially dealt a 10 (or a picture card, which has a value of 10), and an ace. This hand is considered a natural, or simply as a “blackjack”, because you hit 21 naturally. Your natural will win the hand unless the dealer also deals himself a natural.

Surrender: If the two cards you are dealt offer you little potential to win the hand, you may opt to surrender. If you surrender, you can reclaim half of your initial bet instead of continuing to play the hand, whereby you will probably lose the entire amount. Experienced players frequently use the surrender option, and your occasional surrender could save you a good deal of money.

Play Blackjack Now

We hope our information has given you a head start at your blackjack game, and now it’s time for you to start playing! Get into the action by downloading Europaplay, play Flash blackjack instantly, or play blackjack directly on your mobile phone. We’ll see you at the tables!

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