Top 10 Reasons Being a Casino Dealer

There are only a few jobs in this life that can offer you equal parts opportunity, challenge, and an entrance point accessible for everyone. Some people want a job with a lot of variety on a daily basis that lets you in mingle with all kinds of people, while others want a chance to advance right to the top. A job that’s all those things and more can be found no further than the nearest casino.

Casino dealers have poise, they’re comfortable in their own skin, and they’re the always up for new experiences. Not everybody can be a dealer, but the people who can come from all walks of life, that’s part of what’s so great about it! Whether you’re looking for a job for the summer, or a career with no limits, working on a casino floor can offer you things you won’t find anywhere else. The job of being a casino dealer is equal parts exciting and awesome, and here are 10 reasons why:

1. You get to learn things about people

If you stick with the job for any length of time and actually get good at it, you’ll be rotated on to a bunch of different tables, dealing a bunch of different games for a bunch of different stake levels. You get to see people when they’re rolling off huge lucky streaks, as well as people getting creamed by the cards. You’ll meet party animals and serious gamblers; glamorous casino patrons, as well as the-not-so-glamorous. All in all, you’ll meet, chat with and get to know a slice of humanity at their highs and lows.

2. Tips

Starting out as a dealer isn’t going to make you rich overnight, but unlike flipping burgers or jockeying a cash register, you’re going to get tipped, and sometimes you’re going to get tipped very well indeed – often depending on the amount of luck the bettors at your table have (as well as the stakes they’re playing for). Most casinos have their own policy in regards to tips; some let the dealers take their individual tips from table to table, others have a pot that all the floor workers pull from equally. Though tipping is never “obligatory”, most gamblers know that it’s the right thing to do, as it encourages dealers to keep doing a great job. In any case, you’ll have good and then you have very, very good nights where patrons will win big and, in a fit of victorious generosity, share the wealth. If you stick around long enough as a casino dealer, you’re likely to have a night that blows you away.

3. Glam

Casinos attract all sorts, and one of those sorts is the high rollers. Movie stars, athletes, models and the ultra rich – if any of them are in town, it’s a good bet they’ll be making an appearance at the tables, looking to see and be seen. As you climb the seniority ladder of any of the swankier establishments anywhere in the world, meeting celebrities becomes par for the course as a casino dealer. Trust us, the story of when you busted George Clooney at blackjack is going to top anything anyone else brings to the table.

4. You’ll learn the games inside and out

As a dealer you’ll be immersed in the world of betting, odds (and a lot of math). That means after a few months on the job you’ll be a resident expert on the intricate minutia of craps, the smart plays for blackjack, and absolutely everything else the casino has to offer. There’s something to be said for being able to list off Caribbean Stud odds off the top of your head. Bottom line, you’ll know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em when it’s time for you to start doing some wagering of your own.

5. Casino Life

It’s no secret that casinos lure in their patrons by offering over-the-top spectacle. Everything under the sun from big-name comics, concerts, and shows tour through casinos throughout the year, and if you can swing a shift, you’ll have a front row seat for it all. That’s not to mention the cast of characters you’ll be working with as collegues. If you’ve never sat at a break table and listened to a few veteran dealers tell their stories, you’ve never lived.

6. Scheduling

There’s not a lot of workplaces that can let you pick your own hours, but as most casinos are open all night and all day, they leave plenty of room for flexibility. So, if you’ve got a family, you’re going to be able to see them, if you’ve got hobbies you’re going to be able to pursue them, and there is no better job on earth for a student than being a casino dealer.

7. Flexibility

The thing about casinos is that they usually belong to a larger family of casinos and resorts. That means if you’re ever interested in a change of pace, or a new city to call home, the opportunities to take up a similar role in one of your company’s other locations is usually as easy as asking for it. Whether that means a different town, or even a different country, so long as your work is good, they can probably find a way to make it happen!

8. Entry-level job where the sky’s the limit

Here’s a fact you probably already know: there’s lots of money in the casino business, and where there’s money, there’s lots of opportunity for advancement. The management chain in a casino is an accessible, lucrative place to be. All you need to get started is the willingness to work, learn, and dress presentably. Pit bosses, cage managers, credit managers, directors and VPs – casinos hire internally more than most industries out there. Why? Because knowing the lay of the land, the dynamic of your employees, and what’s expected of everybody is something you can only learn on the job. Being a casino dealer is a job, but if you’re smart, together and patient enough to wait for the openings, opportunities for some pretty attractive careers start popping up pretty quick, so you can certainly work your way up the corporate ladder.

9. Stability

A majority of casino workers (with high school educations) are satisfied with their jobs/benefits and also think of their jobs as a career or something leading to a career. The average time a casino dealer works his or her job is 7 years, and even most part-time workers say they want to be in the industry 10 years from today. The point is, if you’re a good dealer and a good worker, you’re in demand and you’re going to have all the work you want today, and tomorrow… and beyond!

…and last but not least:

10. Fast Hands

It might sound kind of weird, but if you deal cards for a few hours a day, you’ll start to notice some changes. You’ll be the person who can catch the glass before it falls on the floor, the person who can threat the needle on the first try, and you’ll always be a hit at parties as you dazzle the crowd with the fastest hands around!

So, if you’re looking for a change of pace and a job that’s nowhere near the ordinary, send in a resume or apply online to become a casino dealer. Casinos are always looking for new fresh faces!

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