11 Psychic Animals that Predicted (and Failed to Predict) the World Cup

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy betting on sports. The 2014 World Cup involved some rather incredible predictions from the entirety of the animal kingdom, from gifted guinea pigs to prophetic pandas. Here are a few of the most popular psychic animals and their predictions, whether they be right or wrong!

1. Nasar the Horse

Prediction: United States over Germany [WRONG!]

Nasar the Horse, otherwise known affectionately as the "horse that lives in a house," predicted that the United States would win over Germany when he was consulted. Nasar gained local fame after being moved into the Holt, Germany home during a particularly vicious storm--after which he decided to stay!

2. Big Head the Sea Turtle

Prediction: Brazil over Croatia [CORRECT!]

This lovely loggerhead reported that Brazil would win over Croatia when queried. Big Head was offered a few different choices of food and decided that Brazil was the most delicious. And what do you know, he was right!

3. Flopsy the Predictaroo

Prediction: Germany over Argentina [CORRECT!]

Flopsy may just be the kangaroo that is most active on Twitter. Unlike many of the other psychic animals introduced to the world cup, Flopsy has a predictive past: she was first introduced to the world by none other than Bindi Irwin. And all that training really paid off when she successfully chose Germany over Argentina for the win!

4. Nelly the Elephant

Prediction: Germany over Argentina [CORRECT!]

The predictive powers of Nelly the Elephant are simply scary: she was able to pick 30 out of 33 games in the women's FIFA World Cup. Her streak continues with this Germany over Argentina prediction. And, of course, she never forgets.

5. Bob the Sloth

Prediction: Germany over Argentina [CORRECT!]

It must be nice being a sloth. No one expects anything of you and also you're a psychic! Bob the Sloth, a Toronto Zoo resident, was able to select games with an accuracy of over 70 percent this year.

6. Shaheen the Camel

Prediction: Argentina over Germany [WRONG!]

With a 66 percent success rate, Shaheen the camel is no Bob the Sloth, but he also isn't Nasar the Horse! We'll have to see how he does in the next World Cup; after all, he's just a beginner

7. Madame Shiva the Guinea Pig

Prediction: Switzerland over Ecuador [CORRECT!]

This adorable little psychic guinea pig is clearly more than meets the eye, as she was able to successfully predict Switzerland's win over Ecuador. And how does she do it? Well, her owners put her in a tiny little field and she does her business on the side that she believes will win!

8. Ying Mei the Panda

Prediction: Brazil over Croatia [CORRECT!]

Presented with two different boxes of food, Ying Mei chose Brazil--and she chose correctly! Ying Mei is a panda kept in a reserve in Yangzhuo, Jiangsu, and she may just have a lovely career ahead of her.

9. Brandy the Lioness

Prediction: Netherlands over Australia [CORRECT!]

Zookeepers tossed two colored balls to Brandy the Lioness and named the first one she popped the loser! Australia's little yellow ball was the last to go, leaving the Netherlands the clear victor. Of course, Brandy isn't a professional, so this may have just been beginner's luck.

10. Chippu the Otter

Prediction: Greece over Japan [WRONG!]

This adorable little creature may not have been entirely right but he wasn't entirely wrong either. Chippu the Otter predicted Greece over Japan, but what really happened was a tie. Then again, no one gave him the option for a tie, so maybe his handlers just explained the game wrong!

11. Regina the Octopus

Prediction: Ghana over Germany [WRONG], Germany over Portugal [CORRECT!]

Like Chippu,little Regina did her best. After all, octopi are extremely intelligent creatures! But it seems like a flaw in the system that the animals can't select a tie--and that has nothing to do with the animals themselves. Looks like people will need to be looking for another Paul replacement. To be fair, she did get other win, such as Germany over Portugal!

And that's it for our animal psychics this time. Doubtlessly they'll be back for the next round of World Cup games and we'll get to play along with them again!

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