Online Craps Tips

Craps is a great fast-paced casino game. It is generally agreed that Craps is a game of chance as no prior skill is required in order to succeed in it. Although basic knowledge of the different Craps bets is a must, the roll's outcome is not really influenced by whether or not the player is familiar with Craps rules. All a player has to do is roll the dice and hope for the best. The social aspect found in Craps combined with its sheer simplicity is why players from all over the world play the exciting games of Craps on a regular basis.

While, as we have already established, the dice results are dependent on nothing but chance, there are some online Craps tips we can provide you with that are very likely to encourage Lady Luck to smile your way. We sincerely hope that the gaming recommendations presented here would lead you to ultimate victory. Nevertheless, you are the master of your own fate.

Among the most basic tips we can offer Craps novice players is to stick to the game's most fundamental bets. These include the Pass/Don't Pass bets as well as the Come/Don't Come bets. They make for the most profitable bets for a Craps beginner because the house advantage on these bets stands at less than 1.5%. In fact, this makes them among the best bets in any casino, online and traditional alike.

Another important online Craps tip is that you stay away from proposition bets located at the center of the Craps layout table. Although the casino dealers typically encourage players to place these bets, you should not give in. This is because these proposition bets are 'house bets,' giving the casino an advantage as high as 16% over the players.

Additionally, you should stay away from games that you can not afford, a sensible tip to follow regarding any casino game, not just Craps. Whenever you happen to come across a table that is over your head, keep your distance. Numerous studies conducted on this particular subject have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will lose your bankroll by joining a table that is much too expensive for you.

Our next tip deals with casino security issues. It is strictly forbidden in land-based casinos to throw the dice with both hands. Furthermore, you are not allowed to touch them with both of your hands before or after the roll. The only legitimate way to change hands when tossing dice is to put the dice on the table, remove both hands and then grab them with the other hand. Casinos insist on this particular code of behavior in order to reduce the possibility of switching dice.

Finally, if you happen to be the shooter, give the dice an honest roll. Remember that the term 'dice control' is nothing but fiction. You can not control the dice result, so don't event try developing some sort of a technique to do so. If the dealer eventually suspects that you are attempting to control the dice, you run the risk of being asked to step aside from the table. In other words, it's 'bye-bye'.

Naturally, the above mentioned online Craps tips can not guarantee 100% success at the Craps table, but they sure will give you a certain edge over other Craps beginners. Good Luck!

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