Online Craps Strategy

Craps is the ultimate game of chance. The shooter throws the dice and can only hope that Lady Luck is in a good mood. Naturally, this means that players have no influence on the outcome of the roll. Trying to predict what numbers will eventually appear on the dice is a completely futile occupation. Keeping the above in mind, you should just enjoy the game, whether you play it in an online casino or in a land-based gambling establishment.

However, there are certain recommendations we can provide you with to help you develop your very own online Craps strategy. Although we can not guarantee your ultimate success, could always be of help. Once you have already established a certain playing strategy, stick to it. It's important to be consistent.

The first strategic move we would like to discuss here is very simple. You should look for a casino promising to provide you with the best winning chance (and, while you are at it, boasting the most generous promotional offers, but this is beside the point). This means that you should hunt for a gambling destination featuring bets with the most minimal house edge.

When you find such a casino, give it a shot. Start off by playing at the fake-money tables. It is a good experience for beginners who seek to hone their gaming skills. When you feel confident enough to move to the real-money tables, just do it. If some cash ultimately does come your way, consider it a bonus. Try enjoying the gaming adventure without letting the winning part play too big a role.

Another strategic move that seems to be working is called 'progressive betting.' Simply put, it means that you should never walk away when you keep winning and that you should never stay at the table when you are losing. The progressive betting strategy is easy to explain. Let's say you've placed a Craps bet. Each dice roll you happen to win will increase your current bet by the initial one. Conversely, each roll you happen to lose will decrease the current amount by the initial one.

Finally, if you happen to be a Craps beginner in search for a practical online Craps strategy, start by placing a Pass Line bet. It does not matter whether the shooter rolls Craps or passes, just place this same bet over and over again. The idea is to wait until the shooting player establishes a point, at which time, it is best to place a single odds bet next to your initial Pass Line bet. This will help you reduce the house edge to less than 1%. After this, however, you are on your own, mate!


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