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The history of the game of Craps is indeed a rich one. While till this very day some Craps history keepers continue to debate regarding the game's true origins, most of them agree that Craps is a simplified form of an old English game called 'Hazard.' Apparently, Hazard received its name from an ancient castle called Asart or Hazareth which was attacked by crusaders somewhere in 1125 AD. During the castle's siege, the crusaders had no other form of entertainment but a gambling game that involved dice. This theory, however, has never been proved.

Hazard gained vast popularity in England. In the 17th century, it was widely played by the European nobility. As the years passed, the French aristocrats became especially fond of the game as well. However, to distinguish themselves from their neighbors across the English Channel, they called the game 'Craps.' Some scholars maintain that Craps is a corrupted form of the word 'Crabs' referring to a losing situation in Hazard in which the shooter happens to roll a 2. While, once again, there is no solid support for this theory, it's a widely accepted one with very few game historians repudiating it.

According to Craps history, the game of Hazard was introduced to America by either British or French settlers. By 1893, a resident of New Orleans by the name Bernard de Mandeville simplified the game and transformed it into the very first Craps version. This game variation became highly popular on Mississippi River steamboats that helped spread Craps all across the U.S.

Mandeville's Craps variation had, however, one unpardonable flaw. Due to its betting rules, the game allowed the use of corrupted dice. In the beginning of the 19th century, the problem was eliminated by John H. Winn, a prominent gambler in his time. Winn's solution was to introduce the modern table layout offering players the possibility to place 'Pass' and 'Don't pass' bets. Additionally, other game participants could finally place bets against the shooting player and not just against the house. These adjustments simply revolutionized the game of Craps and pushed its popularity sky-high!

During World War II, the game of Craps migrated to distant parts of the globe far beyond the United States and Europe. Soldiers fighting in the war played Craps to pass the time between battles. Today, the game is popular virtually in any country on the map. You name it, it's there!

In recent years, with the invention of the Internet, Craps history has experienced another turn. Many Craps lovers, who once used to travel to land-based casino facilities, now enjoy their favorite pastime from the comfort of their own home playing Craps in virtual gaming destinations. In the virtual environment, the game is typically accompanied by very generous jackpots...

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