The Most Architecturally Impressive Casino Designs

Many casinos are well-known for their extravagant, focused designs. When entering a casino, guests find themselves propelled into another world. The goal of casino architecture is to create an entirely new, and unusual setting that primes visitors for a memorable experience, one in which they will forget about everything else. For that reason, casinos tend to have some of the best and most inventive architecture in the world.


The Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

Any discussion of casino architecture must begin with a mention of the Monte Carlo Casino, constructed in 1863. This casino remains of the major attractions of the region, with an incredible, open design made out of separated chambers. Though the Monte Carlo Casino may have been initially constructed over 100 years ago, this chambered design is still mimicked in the architecture of many casinos today. Chambered design allows for evocative and varied room construction, themes that can be used to create a unique experience from room to room. This will further absorb the guest in the casino's world.

make you lost track of time

The Monte Carlo Casino also includes another of the major casino design principles: expansive, high ceilings. These ceilings again serve to transport guests into another world and prevent them from feeling as though they've spent too much time inside the casino's walls.

Grand Lisboa in Macau

A unique subject, the architecture of Grand Lisboa has come under fire for being too ostentatious and too grand. Grand Lisboa takes all of the trappings of ordinary casinos and ramps it up to 11, with an extensive selection of modern and abstract designs seen in almost every surface of the casino. While the overall effect may be gaudy and overdone, this actually serves a very specific purpose: it disorients the guest.

It's easy to see why such a dramatic and fantastic approach can cause a guest to stay longer and remember the experience more. The goal of the casino is not to ensure that the guest loves the architecture but rather to ensure that the guest can't stop thinking, or talking about the experience.

The Casino Davos in the Hotel Europe

The Casino Davos is an example of architecture with a separate goal. This casino is a hyper-modern glass structure that has clean lines and, compared to other casinos, very little by way of frills or fluff. The reasoning behind this? Casino Davos is already located in a center where it will get a significant amount of business, near international convention halls and ski slopes. Due to this, the casino itself does not need to be an architectural spotlight. It only needs to satisfy the guests already located in the area.

Casino Crans Montana in Switzerland

One of the most profitable casinos in Europe, the Casino Crans Montana is a modest, yet modern building that has straight lines and plain architecture. Despite its sedate, serene atmosphere it is still incredibly successful. Hardly anyone would hesitate about gambling in this dignified establishment.

The interior of the casino, of course, is brightly illuminated with primary colors and an extremely modern look. Casinos are kept brightly lit to remove any indication of the time outside their doors. Without knowing or feeling the passage of time, guests tend to stay much longer. This is a well-known architectural casino trick and it's used at virtually every casino in existence today.

Casino Bad Gastein in the Grand Hotel de l'Europe

Casino Bad Gastein is another example of older casino architecture, as it is lodged in a hotel that dates back to the 1800s. This casino is located within an ornate but sophisticated hotel and, like Casino Davos, it is not required to be particularly groundbreaking in its architecture. The architecture is soft and subdued and the design is reflective of its 19th century development.

the 70's at Vegas

The decision to have a casino rely on its architecture to attract business depends primarily on its clientele. Guests may be attracted to a free-standing casino, or alternatively, come to play at an establishment located within a larger resort or spa. European casinos tend to have less bright colors and design urgency than casinos around the world because their architecture is older and more subdued.

Casino architectural design principles are all about creating a unique and lasting experience for the visitor. Sophisticated, elegant and timeless designs are employed to help visitors lose themselves in both time and space. Whether built a hundred years ago or just yesterday, casinos share these common attributes.


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