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Welcome to the Europaplay magazine where we publish a collection of the latest, greatest articles to keep you up to date on all the goings-on in the casino industry. Whether you're curious to learn more about the land-based and online casino gambling lifestyle or are just looking for some enjoyable reading material to help get your gambling juices flowing, we encourage you to check out our top posts.

Amazing Casino Cruises

 Nothing makes you pine for a vacation like thinking about a breathtaking cruise. Being out on a cruise ship in the middle of the sea or the ocean is a one-of-a-  kind relaxing feeling that is next to impossible to replicate. When thinking of ways to add to the thrill and joy of a cruise, casino gambling naturally comes to  mind. Pack some fun entertainment and gambling action into a cruise experience and the idea of a casino cruise will have you jumping out of your skin with  excitement. Have a look at some of the top casino cruises currently available around the world.

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Top 10 Casino Slot Games for Sports Fans

There are billions of sports fans all over the world. Some like hockey and horse racing, while others prefer golf and tennis. Almost everyone seems to have a soft spot for football as well. Regardless of which sport you’re a fan of, Europaplay has got a great themed casino game for you to play. Check out our list of the top 10 casino slots games for sports fans to find out which ones are the best for you  

Top 10 Casino Cheating Techniques

The accepted way to walk away from the casino with pockets stuffed full of money is to “earn it” via winning at the casino games. Some thieves have had other ideas, however, as they cheated their way to casino wealth. Over the years, they’ve tried a number of methods to bilk the casinos out of cash in a somewhat less than legal manner. Check out our list of the top 10 casino cheating techniques to learn what NOT to do in a casino.

Secrets of Big Casino Winners Revealed

Over the years, Europaplay has given away millions of dollars in prize money to a long list of casino players. We wondered what did these big casino winners have in common. Did they make their bets on certain days of the week? Did they play at specific times of the day? We ran some stats to uncover the secrets of our biggest casino winners and came up with a profile of the ultimate casino winner!

Europe’s best casino resorts

From Monte Carlo to Baden Baden, Europe is filled with some of the world's top casino resorts. We've determined which ones are the best of the best and have compiled a list that'll make you want to get on the first plane and start traveling to experience the top-notch casino resorts in person

A Look at Female Gambling Habits

More and more women are playing at some sort of online casino, and now make up a considerable proportion of online gamblers. As a result, we have decided to look into which games are proving to be the most popular with the female sex and have assessed why these games are proving to be so popular with females.

Architecturally Impressive Casino Designs

Many casinos are well-known for their extravagant, focused designs. Walking through a casino's doors, you will be absorbed in a fascinating new world, one with minimal connection to time and space. This fascinating article will transport you to some of the most elegant, and stunning casinos in the world

Top 10 European Leisure Locations

Looking for new ways and places to relax? While your preferred method of taking it easy may be a fun online casino gambling session at Europaplay, there are plenty of other great ways and places to let loose and enjoy yourself.

Best Places to Gamble in America VS Europe

Curious as to where on earth the best land-based gambling destinations are? Everyone knows the best place to play casino games online is Europaplay, but where's the top place to do your live gambling? Read on to find out.

Method to Madness - Designing the Casino Experience

Are you unaffected by the sights, sounds, and creature comforts offered up by the casino when you gamble? Think again! When designing the casino experience, gambling houses are sure to take into account all manner of psychological mechanisms to entice you to keep on wagering.

Top 5 Greatest Casino Heists in History

Curious what was the largest amount of money ever stolen from a Las Vegas Casino? These casino heists will make the capers of the Ocean's Eleven series pale in comparison. Read on to see how much money it's possible to steal from a casino.

Millionaires from Scratch – Amazing Money From Out of Nowhere

Curious to find out how many of today’s famous millionaires made their money? You’ might be surprised to learn that a few of them have casinos to thank for their wealth. Other’s became famous and made their millions in other ways. Read on to learn their respective roads to big money.

Top 10 Reasons Being a Casino Dealer is the Best Job in the World

Think you have what it takes to become a casino dealer? Looking for a reason to take a casino dealer job? Ever wonder about casino dealer benefits? We’ve got a great liost that you should check out!

The Gambler’s Diet

Looking to improve your diet to become a better casino player? We've got some perfect casino diet suggestions for you in this great article.


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