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An old, classy classic, roulette has been around for almost two centuries. It has always been a firm gambling favorite, encouraging players to dig deep and put their faith into the hands of a spinning roulette wheel. It’s a perfect blend of sophistication, skill and thrill.

While it is possible to create a betting strategy for roulette, it is more a game of chance with several different outcomes. Don’t bother trying to find the ‘perfect’ roulette strategy; instead enjoy, relax and have fun playing.

Roulette Rules: Outside, inside and everything in the middle

Roulette rules (and online roulette rules too) are simple, and are related to how much risk you want to take. While inside bets will give the highest payouts, outside bets are less risky but also give generally lower payouts. Let’s have a quick look at how to play roulette:

Inside Bets


You choose one number. This is the most risky of bets but does have a high potential payout, if you’re extremely lucky. Straight bet odds pay 35:1.


If you can’t choose just one number, split bets allow you to wager on the line separating any two numbers. Split bet odds pay 17:1.


This is a more visual one – imagine the roulette table – this refers to the cross-section of four numbers (the bit in a square shape). Square bet odds pay 8:1.


Just like above, where you need to imagine the roulette table. Wagering takes place on one of the three-numbered rows. Street bet odds pay 11:1.


This is the safest bet to place, or at least the one with the lowest risk for an inside bet. The six-number bet is put on the lines separated by the end of two rows. Six-number odds pay 5:1.

Outside Bets

Groups of 12:

These are bets on one of these sets of numbers - 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. Or, it could be a bet on the 12 numbers within the table’s three columns. Groups of 12 odds pay 2:1.


A simple bet – choose either red or black, even or odd for 1:1 odds of winning.


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