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Playing keno is a lot like playing the lottery, only better, as keno players enjoy higher odds and a bigger selection of winning numbers. Though keno is essentially a luck-based game, learning the basic rules and terms will increase your chances of cashing out. So, without further ado, here’s what you need to know about keno before submitting your ticket.

Keno Odds

As with other lottery-type games, in Keno, the odds are long and the payouts are high. Though the numbers vary from game to game, typical Keno payouts range from 3:1 for catching one number, to 11:1 for catching three numbers, to 7,750:1 for catching six, and over 200,000:1 for catching eight.

Keno Ticket Types

When writing a keno ticket you can choose from one of three ticket types:

  • Straight ticket – The most basic of keno bets. Simply decide on how many numbers you wish to bet (usually up to 10) and fill in your set.
  • Way ticket – Combines multiple bets wagered in various ways on one ticket. The advantage here is that casinos generally allow lower minimum bets on way tickets than on straight tickets. You can potentially win more and pay less.
  • Combination ticket – One ticket containing several straight bets that are all wagered the same way.

Recommended Keno Game: Keno Fortune

Keno Fortune adds an exciting new twist to this standard classic. Let our fortune teller read your future as you bet on your choice of one to five consecutive games and win a top prize of up to 10,000X your original bet!

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