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Male Celebrities Who Lost a Fortune in a Casino

In the list below, we take a look at gambling losses that some of the world’s most recognizable names have incurred in the past. Placing huge wagers without any luck tends to lead to immense losses. With paydays like these male celebrities tend to have, it’s not as though we’re worried for their fortunes though. It’s more of a general gawking at how carefree they can feel to lose such giant sums.

Without any further ado, we invite you to take a look at the list of male celebrities that we’ve compiled and ooh and aah at the (negative) totals they’ve amassed on the way to huge gambling losses at the casinos.

1.Bruce Willis

If Die Hard fans learned anything, it’s that tough guy Bruce Willis is always capable of a comeback. So even though we heard that he lost $100,000 at the Palms Resort craps tables in Las Vegas, we still wouldn’t want to meet him there. Or anywhere else…

2.Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen reportedly spent about $200,000 a week gambling away at the casino, as claims ex-wife Denise Richards in their divorce papers. Later on he insisted that his money is usually spent on cocaine, not on gambling. Well, as long as that’s settled then, I’m sure it would have made a big difference to Denise…

3.Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher once revealed that he once lost $750,000 gambling at a casino in Las Vegas. The problem with anything Ashton says or does is that, win or lose, you’ll always feel like you might be getting punk’d.

4.Michael Phelps

After winning 18 Olympic gold medals in swimming and beating the likes of Paul Wasicka and Adam Gerber in poker, Phelps is one smokin’ competitor you don’t want to meet in the casino competitions OR pool parties of Atlantic City.  However, rumors from the past two years report that he has been seen gambling away hundreds of thousands of dollars at the poker tables. Oh well, in gambling there are days where you are high up and flying, and days where you are low. Hopefully for Michael, it will be the legal kind of high this time around.

5.Ryan Seacrest

If ever there was a celebrity crappier at craps than Seacrest, we have yet to find him. This guy lost all his chips after about 30 minutes of playing in the Monte Carlo Casino hotel. Ryan, next American casino idol you are not.

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